Our SIG scope, vision, and membership profiles reflect the interest and scholarship in the following themes:

  • Evolving contexts in educational technology: Design, integration, and evaluation of educational technology
  • The future of hybrid and online education (eg. extreme, adventure, scenario, and game-based learning)
  • Affordances of emerging technologies and approaches for the design and evaluation of learning spaces (eg. information visualization tools, online collaborative learning technologies, mobile platforms, learning analytics, cloud computing, usability tools)
  • Technology leadership for successful technology integration in education: In-depth studies throughout the world
  • Contemporary Issues in computers and Internet applications in education (i.e., digital literacy, media literacy, privacy, security, artificial intelligence)

We hope to advance the research and scholarly conversation in CIAE with your contribution and presence in our SIG. If you are our current member, or if you would like to join us, please browse through the SIG’s webpage for more information on how to actively participate in the activities.