This past year the executive board has worked to update the SIG Bylaws. This was long overdue and incorporated some significant changes. The new bylaws (see below) expand the executive board to include ‘elect’ positions for each member. The new executive board includes the following:

  1. Chair
  2. Chair-Elect
  3. Immediate Past Chair
  4. Program Chair
  5. Program Chair-Elect
  6. Secretary
  7. Secretary-Elect
  8. Treasurer
  9. Treasurer-Elect

We have also added and updated the appointed positions to include:

  1. Graduate Student Faculty Advisor
  2. Web Manager
  3. Social Media Coordinator
  4. Graduate Student Representative

You may recall we distributed a set of proposed bylaw revisions in the Spring. These were voted on and approved at the annual meeting. These also have ‘interim’ approval from AERA and will guide our activities going forward.

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